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ABP Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in becoming involved with the ABP?

We are looking for dedicated pediatricians to join efforts in collaboration across the ABP. The ABP has a wide range of volunteer opportunities from the General Pediatrics Committee, 15 subspecialty subboards, focus groups, and practice analysis panels. The diplomates who volunteer are considered ambassadors of the ABP and support the mission of the ABP. Review the volunteer opportunities below and submit your application and CV (in .PDF format). Indicate your interest areas in the “Reason for Volunteering” section of the nomination questionnaire. We would love to work with you!



Volunteer opportunities include:

  • General Pediatrics Examination Committee – work with your peers to develop in-training, certification, and maintenance of certification exams in general pediatrics
  • Subspecialty Subboard – work with your peers to develop in-training, certification, and maintenance of certification exams in your subspecialty
  • Focus Groups – provide feedback on a wide range of topics, from MOCA-Peds to workforce
  • Practice Analysis Panels – work with your peers to identify the knowledge areas that should be assessed by the ABP’s certification examinations
  • Standard Setting Groups – work with your peers to determine the passing scores on the examinations

We are seeking volunteers who represent the diversity of pediatric practice, including pediatricians from rural practices to medical centers in major metropolitan areas. In addition, we are looking to work with physicians who have a variety of practice experience, including those that are new, part-time, and well-seasoned pediatricians in order to reflect today's trends in pediatric practice.

All committee and subboard terms are for six years, and all nominees must be Board certified in General Pediatrics or in their subspecialty area. Time commitments for Focus Groups and Practice Analysis Panels range from a one-time meeting or several meetings.

Why volunteer?

Volunteers not only help the Board and their colleagues, they also help themselves. Prior to being named the ABP President and CEO, Dr. David G. Nichols served six years on the Subboard of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

"My time on an ABP Subboard was one of the most rewarding experiences in my career," he says. "I learned how to convert the important concepts and evidence in our field into a valid and reliable exam question. The real bonus came from the interactions and discussions with the other members of the subboard who were all trying to answer the question: 'What would a parent expect us to know as they entrusted their child to our care?'"

- David G. Nichols, MD, MBA

Please contact us at if you have further questions.