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Strengthening the Connection of Medical Education to the Vision of Improving Child Health

Carraccio C
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I am fortunate to receive an award connected to the legacy of Dr Joseph W. St Geme, Jr, a teacher and mentor to so many in the pediatrics community. Parker Palmer,1 author of The Courage to Teach, once said, “Good teachers are able to weave a web of complex connections among themselves, their subjects, and their students so that students can learn to weave a world of connections for themselves.” The esteem in which Dr Joseph W. St Geme, Jr, is held by those who worked with and learned from him suggests that he was a master at creating these connections.

There are countless important connections in my life. I was fortunate that I connected to what would become my life’s work early in my career. As a chief resident in 1982, I had many teaching responsibilities and during that year realized that medical education would always be a significant part of my career. The only thing better than taking care of a patient was taking care of a patient with a learner. Even in those early years, I realized the implicit connection between education and care quality, but it is only recently that explicit links between educational and patient care outcomes are being acknowledged and sought.