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New Pediatricians: First Jobs and Future Workplace Goals

Freed GL, McGuinness GA, Moran LM, Spera L, Althouse LA
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Background and Objectives
Concern is often expressed about the satisfaction of new physicians and the potential match of their workplace goals with available positions. We studied the interface of desired professional activities with actual initial positions.

Survey study of all general pediatricians taking the 2012 General Pediatrics Certifying Examination.

Of the 5210 who sat for the General Pediatrics Certifying Examination, 5163 (>99%) completed the survey. Of the total respondents, 45% self- identified as general pediatricians (N = 2327). Of those who completed training <2 years ago (N = 1365), most were currently engaged in clinical care (87%; N = 1190). The most important factor, cited most frequently by both men and women, in the choice of their first job was lifestyle and spousal or family considerations. Most (83%; N = 977) reported that the allocation of time for specific duties in their current position was consistent with their goals, with no differences between men and women. Most had no desire for inpatient activity.

Despite concerns about young general pediatricians being able to find positions that meet their career goals, most were in jobs that approximated their desired allocation of professional time and focus of clinical work.