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A Milestone for the Pediatrics Milestones

Carraccio CL, Englander R
Academic Pediatric Association
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This supplement to the Pediatrics Milestone Project marks a milestone for the project itself. It allows us to archive the milestones' first iteration in our communities' peer review literature and facilitate our ability to acquire more meaningful information about how these milestones have impacted the community at large. By tracing citations to the individual articles representing each domain, its competencies, and their milestones over time, we will learn what the community is paying attention to and what they are not, as well as how others are improving upon and advancing this work. We are grateful for the opportunity afforded us with the publication of this supplement to Academic Pediatrics.

Purpose of This Summary
The intent of this executive summary to the supplement is to offer the readership a users' guide to what follows. To that end, we will provide the following: 1) an update on changes made to the original document since its publication on the American Board of Pediatrics' Web site 2 years ago1; 2) an overview of the brief introductions that begin each of the sections representing the 7 domains of competence; 3) a discussion of themes that tie the domains together; and 4) some background for the 4 commentaries that are included in this supplement.