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Maintenance of Certification Pediatrics: Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM)

Iyer MS, Bachur R, Wang V, Hsu D, Mistry RD, Nagler J, Mick N, Althouse L, Du Y, Leslie LK
Pediatric Emergency Care

Starting in 2022, the American Board of Pediatrics will launch the Maintenance of Certification Assessment for Pediatrics: Pediatric Emergency Medicine (MOCA-Peds: PEM) longitudinal assessment, which will provide an at-home alternative to the point-in-time examination. This longitudinal assessment will help engage PEM physicians participating in continuing certification in a more flexible and continuous lifelong, self-directed learning process while still providing a summative assessment of their knowledge. This commentary provides background information on MOCA-Peds and an introduction to MOCA-Peds: PEM and how it gives the PEM physician another option to participate in continuing certification.