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Maintenance of Certification Pediatrics: Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM)

Iyer MS, Bachur R, Wang V, Hsu D, Mistry RD, Nagler J, Mick N, Althouse L, Du Y, Leslie LK
Pediatric Emergency Care
Pub Med #

Starting in 2022, the American Board of Pediatrics will launch the Maintenance of Certification Assessment for Pediatrics: Pediatric Emergency Medicine (MOCA-Peds: PEM) longitudinal assessment, which will provide an at-home alternative to the point-in-time examination. This longitudinal assessment will help engage PEM physicians participating in continuing certification in a more flexible and continuous lifelong, self-directed learning process while still providing a summative assessment of their knowledge. This commentary provides background information on MOCA-Peds and an introduction to MOCA-Peds: PEM and how it gives the PEM physician another option to participate in continuing certification.