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Inadequate Training in Billing and Coding as Perceived by Recent Pediatric Graduates

Andreae MC, Dunham K, Freed GL
Clinical Pediatrics
Pub Med #: 

The literature supports a high rate of error in physician coding for professional services, suggesting that residency training in this area is inadequate to meet the needs in clinical practice.

From the American Board of Pediatrics database of recent graduates, 1200 generalists and 1100 subspecialists were selected to receive a structured questionnaire. Participants rated the adequacy of their training in billing and coding using 3 choices.

The response rate was 76% among the generalists and 77% among the subspecialists. Eighty-one percent of generalists (N = 549) and 78% (N = 423) of subspecialists indicated that they could have used additional training in billing and coding. This finding was common throughout all practice settings.

Pediatric residency training programs are not meeting the needs of generalist or subspecialist physicians in training of billing and coding. Residency programs must enhance this training component to prepare physicians to maintain a financially viable practice.