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Creating the Subspecialty Pediatrics Investigator Network (SPIN)

Richard Mink, Alan Schwartz, Carol Carraccio, Pamela High, Christiane Dammann, Kathleen A. McGann, Jennifer Kesselheim, Bruce Herman and the show Steering Committee of the Subspecialty Pediatrics Investigator Network
Journal of Pediatrics
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One challenge to research in the education of pediatric fellows is the need for large sample sizes so that innovative approaches can be assessed adequately and results are meaningful. Furthermore, trainees need to be evaluated in different educational settings to understand what works well in which environment, and why or why not. In addition, the information provided by studies with a limited number of programs may not be generalizable throughout the subspecialty or to other subspecialties. This is especially true for the pediatric subspecialties in which the number of trainees is generally small.