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Adequacy of the Supply of Pediatric Subspecialists: So Near, Yet So Far

Stockman JA 3rd, Freed GL
Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
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Comment On
Influence of changes in supply on the distribution of pediatric subspecialty care.

The article by Mayer and Skinner1 illustrates how far we have come in addressing pediatric medical subspecialty workforce shortages in the United States. Addressing the subspecialty shortage is integrally tied to career interest in pediatrics. Most individuals entering residency in pediatrics have not decided whether primary care or subspecialty care lies in their future. With a few exceptions, one must complete training in general pediatrics prior to entry into subspecialty training. Thus, the early interest of those completing medical school in the primary care field of pediatrics is critical to the eventual supply of pediatric subspecialists.