MOC for Your Residents

Residents in ACGME-approved training programs can now “bank” Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 credit that they can later use once they’re certified.

As of Spring 2015, residents will be able to earn MOC credit for approved quality improvement work completed during residency. They can then apply credit earned toward their MOC activities cycle once they pass their initial American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) examination.

You can participate with Residents and earn your MOC Improving Professional Practice (Part 4) credit. The new Motivational Interviewing PIM (log in to your ABP Portfolio) was especially designed for residency faculty dyads.

Using feedback from patients, parents and observers, you will learn how specific strategies can be used to influence patient behavior and promote healthier actions with the intent of reducing chronic and preventable diseases. This particular PIM offers a streamlined, electronic data collections process.

It’s a great opportunity for you and your residents to work together to build motivational interviewing skills and earn MOC credit! Its unique design also addresses four of the pediatric competencies and their milestones.

If you wish to complete this activity as a team, both faculty and resident(s) must enroll in this activity as individuals.

There’s also a corresponding Motivational Interviewing Self-Assessment (Part 2) Activity offered (log in to your ABP Portfolio), should you be interested. These two activities can be used individually or together.

How it Works for the Residents

Residents register for their ABP Portfolio after their first in-training exam any time after November of their first PL1 year.

As part of the MOC for Residents program, residents have full access to all ABP-developed activities, including Self-Assessment (Part 2) and Part 4 activities. However, residents can only earn bankable credit for Part 4 activities.

They can receive credit by:

  • Participating in an ABP-approved institutional QI project
  • Participating in online ABP Performance Improvement Modules (PIMs)
  • Other approved online modules (such as AAP EQIPP)
  • Residents may also submit their own projects for ABP approval

For QI projects already approved by the ABP, you’ll submit an MOC attestation form, specific to your project, when the QI work is completed. You can find your personalized attestation form under the project name at

Once residents become ABP certified, they will then enter into their first 5-year MOC activities cycle. Any previously-banked credit is then added to their MOC Part 4 requirements.

Fellows in an ACGME-approved fellowship program who have not yet passed their initial General Pediatrics certifying exam are also eligible to participate in MOC for Residents program. Fellows who have already passed the general pediatrics exam are already certified and all MOC activities will earn credit.

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