How to Apply

New Applicant
A new applicant for any initial certifying examination, is an individual who has never before applied for that specific certifying examination, or whose application was previously disapproved for that examination.

A re-registrant for any initial certifying examination is an individual whose application was accepted for that specific examination, but the individual did not take or pass the examination.

To apply for the exam, you must have an ABP Portfolio.

Applications for all certifying exams are available only via the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Web site. Applicants may apply during the exam-specific registration periods only. Application payments are payable only via credit card (American Express, MasterCard or Visa). If you experience a technical difficulty, you must contact the ABP the same or next business day.

Refer to your online portfolio to monitor the status of your application. You can print a receipt of payment from the online portfolio. You can also view items missing from the application (if any), acceptance letters and the results of the exam. Although reminders of missing material will be sent by email, it is your responsibility to frequently review your portfolio to ensure the required material is received by the ABP by the published deadlines and to notify the ABP of email and mailing address changes.

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