2013 PVM Recipient Presents QI Project

Dr. Paul Sharek presented on Quality Improvement (QI) while visiting the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). While touching base on the importance of improving health care on a daily basis. He pointed out, "The way each individual pays attention to and performs their job, plus the way all individuals inter-relate, interact, and communicate while working ultimately determines the quality and safety of health care."

Dr. Sharek visited the ABP in October while the staff presented multiple QI projects.

In June 2013, the ABP named Dr. Sharek as the inaugural Paul V. Miles Fellow in QI. Dr. Sharek gave special thanks to the ABP and Dr. Miles, "It's an honor to be here, Dr. Miles' impact and legacy on improvements, for our nation's children is profound and to be considered in the same sentence with him is an honor."

This award was created to honor the passion for improving health care for children that Dr. Paul V. Miles has exhibited throughout his career, including his years of service with the ABP. The award is bestowed on individuals who have dedicated themselves to QI and demonstrated accomplishments leading to better health care for children.

Read the press release announcing Dr. Sharek as PVM Recipient.