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QOW Now Earns CME Credit, Among Other Enhancements

Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 09:15

“You can kind of double dip. You get the educational, interesting question of the week where we learn something interesting and it counts toward the Board recertification, and we also get CME credit.” -Dr. Phyllis Waring

With more than 16,000 diplomates now participating in the Question of the Week series, this Self-Assessment activity has become the most popular avenue to earn Part 2 credit.

Dr. Sally Corden, a general pediatrician from Madison, Wisconsin, looks forward to her weekly QOW emails, sometimes even choosing to login before the notification message gets to her inbox.

“The writing is just so excellent and these topics are so interesting,” Corden said. “You feel like you’re making progress all along the way. I’ve actually answered them before it’s sent in the email!”

At the beginning of 2017, the ABP temporarily took down QOW, along with other activities, to make enhancements.

QOW Upgrades

CME Credit
You'll now be able to earn both MOC and CME credit for completing QOWs​

20 correct QOWs = 10 MOC Part 2 points and CME credits
That's five fewer QOWs required for your 10 MOC points!

Medical Pearl
The Medical Pearl will be available at the end of each question, whether you answered correctly or not.

QOW Archiving
You'll be able to access and answer questions from the past three years. All other questions older than three years old will now be stored in the Archive, where they can be viewed (but not answered).

References hyperlinked
No need to search the web for the references mentioned. We've linked them for you!

General pediatrician Phyllis Waring, from Slidell, Louisiana, works part time and was excited for a less expensive way to earn her CME credit.

“CME credits are generally kind of expensive and I work part time. I don’t usually go to the meetings that are costly, so it helps me get the CMEs that I need for my hospital.”

The ABP also made upgrades to other activities, including the Simulated Data PIM.

Simulated Data PIM Upgrades

New Name
This activity will now be called the "Virtual Quality Improvement Learning" PIM.

CME Credit
You will now earn both MOC and CME credit for completing the Virtual Improvement Learning PIM. CME credit was not available for the completion of the old Simulated Data PIM.

Other Activity Enhancements

In addition to these activity enhancements, the ABP has also developed a new mechanism that will give diplomates many more CME opportunities as they simultaneously earn their MOC credit.

Want to know more about that development? Learn more about how the ABP has partnered with ACCME to now offer even more CME and MOC opportunities.