MOCA-Peds Mobile App Returns to App Store and Google Play

The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) today announced the relaunch of the MOCA-Peds mobile app. The app provides a smartphone or tablet option for pediatricians who participate in the MOCA-Peds online assessment to maintain their certification.

“We are thrilled that the mobile app is back and ready to go,” says Linda Althouse, PhD, Vice President for Assessment at the ABP. “The ability to answer questions on the go was always an important part of the flexibility this kind of assessment platform offers.”

The app returns from a brief hiatus after undergoing eight months of evaluation, maintenance, and performance enhancement. While the mobile app was temporarily unavailable, MOCA-Peds participants continued to answer MOCA-Peds questions in a browser on their desktop or laptop computers.

Participant feedback was a driving force behind the mobile app revamp.

“We listened carefully to pediatricians who used the app,” says Althouse. “We heard from people who loved it, and we also received a few comments about how we could make the experience better.”

“All of that feedback was invaluable, and it served as the cornerstone of the ‘under-the-hood’ performance improvements we’ve made in the relaunch.”

The mobile app offers the ability to answer questions on the go. For the full experience, which includes additional features designed to help board-certified pediatricians learn, participants should continue to visit the MOCA-Peds platform on the web at

To use the mobile app, pediatricians must be eligible to participate and have activated the app within the MOCA-Peds platform on a desktop or laptop computer. Pediatricians can log in to the ABP Portfolio to check eligibility.

The app is available to download for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play.