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COVID-19 Updates

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 - 16:30

COVID-19The ABP supports and salutes its board-certified pediatricians who, consistent with the ABP mission, are advancing child health under extraordinary circumstances. Below we have compiled updates and details to answer your questions about certification during this pandemic. We also continue to be available via phone and email.

MOC Cycles Ending in 2020

December 17In June 2020, the ABP will award MOC points for COVID-19-related learning and improvement to all certified pediatricians who have requirements due this year. These MOC points will satisfy any remaining Part 2 and Part 4 requirements, allowing all ABP-certified pediatricians with a cycle that ends in 2020 the ability to enroll in their next cycle. There is no documentation necessary from you, and these points will be visible in your ABP Portfolio in early June.

For those pediatricians who have already completed their Part 2 and Part 4 activity requirements for their MOC cycle ending in 2020, thank you! We will award 25 Part 2 points and 25 Part 4 points for COVID-19-related learning and improvement in January 2021 to count toward your next cycle.

Every pediatrician whose cycle ends in 2020 will still need to log in to their ABP Portfolio and enroll in their next cycle by Dec. 17, 2020. If you have any questions, please reach out to

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MOC Cycles NOT Ending in 2020

100 points every five yearsIn June 2020 the ABP will award 25 Part 2 points and 25 Part 4 points to all pediatricians maintaining certification to recognize the commitment to lifelong learning and improvement during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no documentation necessary from you, and these points will be visible in your ABP Portfolio in early June. Thank you!

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MOCA-Peds logoGiven the wide-ranging impact of COVID-19 on individual pediatricians, we are increasing the flexibility of the MOCA-Peds platform even further. Although we already automatically drop the four lowest-scored quarters in MOCA-Peds before calculating final scores, current MOCA-Peds participants will now receive two more dropped quarters to use in 2020 if they need them. If your score during any two quarters in 2020 negatively impacts your overall performance, we will discard these quarters when calculating your final scaled score.

These measures afford you complete flexibility with MOCA-Peds during 2020. If you wish to continue participating in MOCA-Peds during 2020, please feel free to do so. Conversely, if you wish to unplug from MOCA-Peds during the pandemic and concentrate your energies elsewhere, you may certainly choose that approach without any penalty.

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MOC Fees

I Am Certified logoFor those of you whose MOC cycle ends in 2020, the ABP would like to remind you that the enrollment window is open until Dec. 17, 2020. So much has changed in the past four weeks, and we hope the next seven months bring hope and better physical and mental health to all. Having said that, we also understand that the financial hardship some individuals are facing may not be relieved by December 2020. With that in mind, we are actively working on ways to accommodate pediatricians due to enroll in 2020 who continue to face significant financial hardship through the end of the year. In the meantime, all pediatricians should be aware of the smaller ($280 for those with one certification) annual payment option for MOC.

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Proctored MOC Exams

Hand on a computer mouseFor those scheduled to take a proctored exam, Prometric closed testing centers in the United States and Canada on March 17 with the intent to reopen on May 1. However, the actual reopening date will depend on pandemic circumstances that are changing daily. Prometric will work closely with you to find new appointment dates and times that work for your schedules, and they will waive any rescheduling fees. Prometric provides current information on their COVID-19 response and actions on their public website.

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General Pediatrics Initial Certifying Exam

Pediatrician with infant and parentThe ABP recognizes that physicians are experiencing unprecedented challenges, both professionally and personally, due to COVID-19. We have heard from many physicians who wish to apply for the fall examination, but due to the current circumstances, need to be able to apply later in the registration period. Although the regular application period has expired, the late application fee has been waived and applications may be submitted until 3 p.m. ET on May 15, 2020.

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Subspecialty Initial Certifying Exams

Pediatrician with girl and parentAll subspecialty initial certifying examinations that were scheduled in March have been rescheduled for August. Fellows who were accepted to take an exam in Adolescent Medicine, Child Abuse Pediatrics, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, or Pediatric Nephrology may now schedule their exam for any one of the four available dates: Aug. 3, Aug. 10, Aug. 13, or Aug. 20, regardless of specific subspecialty. 

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Training Absences

Boy getting a shotFor trainees who are affected by the COVID-19 situation, please address the circumstances with your program director.

For program directors and coordinators who have questions about affected trainees, please see our Absences from Training (PDF) information, and if there are additional questions, please contact the ABP through the online Program Portal.

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ABP Subboards and Committees

Pediatric Hospital Medicine SubboardSubboard and committee meetings are being held as scheduled, but remotely. Participants will be provided with remote access details.

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ABMS Statement

ABMS logoThe American Board of Medical Specialities (ABMS) has released a statement reaffirming support for physicians to focus their priorities on patients, families, and the communities they serve. The ABP is one of 24 member boards of the ABMS.

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Coalition for Physician Accountability Statement

Mask and gloveThe ABP supports a statement released April 10, 2020 by the Coalition for Physician Accountability.

The statement acknowledges the huge impact of COVID-19 and the critical need to protect health care workers delivering the best possible care during this crisis.

Members of the Coalition include the national organizations responsible for the accreditation, assessment, licensure, and certification of physicians throughout their medical career, from medical school through practice. The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), of which the ABP is a member, signed this statement.

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COVID-19 Resources

Prescription padFor additional information on COVID-19, please check out these resources:

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