MOCA-Peds Participant Agreement

The public has granted the profession of medicine the privilege of self-regulation. As part of our social contract with the public, we as pediatricians must uphold the public trust. This agreement is a reminder of that commitment.

You must certify each of the following statements or groups of statements in order to participate in Maintenance of Certification for Pediatrics (MOCA-Peds).

I certify that:

  • I am the diplomate who is assigned to this MOCA-Peds account.
  • I will comply with the terms of the MOCA-Peds Participant Agreement and the ABP Honor Code (PDF).
  • I will neither seek or accept assistance from other individuals or provide assistance to other individuals in answering MOCA-Peds questions. However, other resources including books, online journals, and the Internet may be consulted within the allotted question time limit.
  • I will not discuss, copy, reproduce, reconstruct, disclose, transmit or otherwise share information, in whole or in part, in any medium or by any manner whatsoever, about questions, answer choices, the rationale for correct answers, reference materials, or other feedback on questions and answers provided to me by ABP (hereafter referred to as MOCA-Peds content) in greater or more specific detail than described in the MOCA-Peds learning objectives outline; nor will I assist or facilitate anyone else in doing the same.
  • I understand that if I provide any false or misleading information to the ABP; violate the terms of this Participant Agreement or the ABP Honor Code (PDF); engage in any activity that may compromise the validity, integrity, or security of this assessment; or fail to fully cooperate in any investigation of a violation of the MOCA-Peds Participant Agreement:
    • That I may be denied access to MOCA-Peds and/or any ABP examinations for a period of up to five years;
    • That any alleged violation will be investigated;
    • That my participation in MOCA-Peds may be terminated;
    • That my summative assessment decision may be withheld;
    • That my assessment results may be invalidated;
    • That I may be required to take a proctored examination to retain certification;
    • That any certificates I hold may be revoked;
    • That I might be subject to other action as deemed appropriate by the ABP and its legal counsel;
    • That the ABP may issue a report of the factual findings of the investigation to any party of interest.
  • I agree that I have read and understand the ABP Privacy Policy, and I hereby consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of my personal information as permitted by the ABP Privacy Policy.

Please help the ABP uphold standards of excellence in pediatrics by alerting us to any potential security breaches. To report suspected incidents of suspicious or unethical behavior please contact the ABP via one of the following methods:

In order to assist the ABP in fully investigating all suspected incidents, please provide as much detail as possible in all reports. While not mandatory, it would be helpful to have your contact information in case we need more details concerning an incident.