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MOCA-Peds Scoring FAQs

Questions About MOCA-Peds Scoring

This page includes information about how examinations are scored and how scores are reported. If you have a question about your examination results, please look here before contacting our office.

What happens if the questions are not answered by the end of the quarter?

Questions not answered by the end of the quarter will be marked as incorrect.

How is MOCA-Peds scored?

  • Your performance will be reported using a standardized score scale ranging from 1 to 300 where 180 reflects the passing standard (i.e., the passing score). The difficulty level of each question is taken into consideration when scaled scores are calculated, which is important for assessments and exams in which each examinee may receive a different set of questions.
  • Scaled scores ensure that no diplomate is unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged by receiving a relatively easy or difficult set of questions.

What type of performance feedback will I receive?

Throughout your MOC cycle, you will see your raw score performance (i.e., total number of questions, number of questions answered correctly, and percentage of questions answered correctly). Additionally, each year you will see your updated scaled score on your MOCA-Peds dashboard. You will also have access to additional information in the My Performance section of MOCA-Peds.

What is a summative assessment?

Summative assessments are designed to determine whether an individual has demonstrated a particular level of knowledge and skill (usually at the end of a training window or some other specified period of time). For board certification purposes, a summative assessment is used to determine whether a general pediatrician possesses at least the minimum level of knowledge and skill necessary for safe and competent practice. In contrast, formative assessments are used during an instructional period to provide feedback that can be used to guide future training and help prepare for a successful outcome at the time a summative assessment is administered.

How often will I have to meet the standard?

  • The Part 3 requirement will be integrated into your five-year MOC cycle. MOCA-Peds will need to be completed each MOC cycle. During each of your five-year cycles, you will automatically be enrolled in MOCA-Peds. However, if you prefer to not participate in MOCA-Peds you still have the option to take the proctored exam at a secure testing center for an additional fee (see Transition Plan for further details).
  • Diplomates who do not pass MOCA-Peds after four years will need to take and pass a proctored exam by the end of the fifth year of their MOC cycle to maintain certification.

Can I receive MOC Part 2 credit for participating in MOCA-Peds?

Yes. You will receive MOC Part 2 points for each quarter you achieve a scaled score of at least 180, with a maximum of five points a year per certification area. Points are awarded in the spring of the following year.

This page includes information about how examinations are scored and how scores are reported. If you have a question about your examination results, please refer to this page. If your question remains unanswered, please address your communication to:

The American Board of Pediatrics
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Email for questions about scoring:
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Please include your ABP ID # in all correspondence.

***** Please note that the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) requires that all issues encountered on your examination day be reported to the ABP in writing within three business days of your examination date. Therefore, this page does not address technical difficulties or other administration issues experienced at Prometric testing centers.*****