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General FAQs


I am having trouble using MOCA-Peds on my mobile device. 

MOCA-Peds is currently not supported on mobile devices. The MOCA-Peds mobile app for smartphones and tablets is unavailable for an extended period of evaluation and maintenance. Please visit or your ABP Portfolio on a desktop or laptop computer to answer questions.

I am having trouble logging in to MOCA-Peds through my ABP Portfolio. What can I do?

Try going directly to

I am having trouble logging in to What can I do?

If you are currently enrolled in MOCA-Peds and are having trouble logging in, we suggest you try using a different browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari).

If that does not work, please check your browser for ad blockers. You can temporarily disable them or “whitelist” our websites to attempt to resolve this. You might also try deleting your cookies and cache from the browser.

I am able to log in, but I am still having trouble seeing everything.

We suggest you try using a different browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari).

If I have questions that are not addressed in the FAQs, how can I contact the ABP to get an answer?

You are encouraged to contact the ABP via email at with any questions related to MOCA-Peds. You can also click on the envelope icon when in the MOCA-Peds platform to submit an inquiry. The ABP will be available to provide assistance between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Eastern time Monday-Friday.

MOCA-Peds Definition & Purpose

What is MOCA-Peds?

Maintenance of Certification Assessment for Pediatrics (MOCA-Peds) is a web-based assessment program for pediatrics. MOCA-Peds emphasizes continuous learning, allowing pediatricians to determine when and where they take questions. Instead of a single exam day that requires months of preparation, you may test as you go, on the go. It is designed as an alternative to the current MOC Part 3 proctored exam.

Why is the ABP developing this new program?

  • To be more closely aligned with the rapidly changing environment of pediatric practice.
  • To leverage advances in technology to assess medical knowledge and clinical judgment through a more flexible, continuous, and dynamic model that also incorporates learning into the assessment process.

Is MOCA-Peds an assessment that is taken once?

MOCA-Peds will be continuously active in years one through four (16 quarters) out of a five-year MOC cycle (see Transition Plan section for more details).

Will MOCA-Peds replace the current proctored exam?

In 2019, MOCA-Peds will become the default way for you to meet your Part 3 requirement within each five-year MOC cycle. However, you may elect to meet your Part 3 requirement by taking a proctored exam at a secure testing center every five years in lieu of MOCA-Peds for an additional fee.


MOCA-Peds Program Rules

MOCA-Peds Content

What kind of questions will be asked?

Questions will follow a single-best answer “multiple choice” format and will present a clinical vignette, followed by a question and multiple choices. Most questions will be based on 45 learning objectives drawn from the content outline that reflect the breadth of knowledge required for practice. Also, each year, select peer-reviewed journal articles or guidelines are featured. These readings are selected by a group of practicing pediatricians serving on a subboard or question writing committee as being important for every pediatrician certified in the given discipline to read. Those engaged in MOCA-Peds will have access to these articles, at no additional charge, during the year they are featured.

What is a learning objective?

  • A statement that defines the expected knowledge or skill of a board-certified pediatrician within a particular domain.
  • The MOCA-Peds learning objectives are developed to represent a sample of the ABP Content Outline for General Pediatrics and pediatric subspecialties.

Are questions repeated in MOCA-Peds?

Yes. Repeated questions are selected based on your performance, as well as the confidence and relevance ratings you previously assigned after answering each question. For example, if you answered a question incorrectly, that question could be repeated later. Or, let’s say you correctly answered a question, but were less confident in your answer; that question would also be a candidate for being repeated. Skipped questions (i.e., questions missed due to a dropped quarter or inactivity) are also eligible to be repeated. All participants will receive a total of 15 repeat questions each calendar year. You will receive three repeats in Q2; five in Q3; seven in Q4. Please consider visiting the My Performance section or your Question History to review past performance, confidence/relevance ratings, etc. before starting a new session.

How are clinical guidelines/articles being incorporated into MOCA-Peds?

  • Each year, select guidelines/articles will be featured that all pediatricians engaging in MOCA-Peds should read. These featured readings will be made available on the Exam Content tab in the platform at the beginning of the year. Up to two questions for each featured reading will appear within MOCA-Peds, however, these readings may be listed as references and therefore act as supporting evidence for other questions. The questions based on featured readings will be clinical vignettes, similar in style and format to other questions in MOCA-Peds.
  • You could receive a featured readings question at any time after Quarter 1, so you should familiarize yourself with the guidelines/articles prior to answering questions in Quarter 2.

Providing Your Answers

Do all questions have to be answered at once?

No. It is not necessary to complete all the questions in one sitting, but all questions must be answered by the end of the quarter.

How many questions do I have to answer?

You will receive up to 20 questions per quarter totaling no more than 72 questions annually. Questions not answered will be scored as incorrect.

How much time is allotted for each individual question?

You will have 5 minutes to answer each question.

If I encounter a technical issue (i.e., loss of internet connectivity, frozen screen, etc.) and the question is scored as incorrect, will the ABP reset my question?

  • The ABP is unable to reset questions on an individual basis.
  • You should ensure you are using a compatible browser and have a reliable internet connection (see Web-Based and App System Requirements section) before answering MOCA-Peds questions.
  • Note: The MOCA-Peds platform is designed to record the last chosen response before connection was lost, regardless of whether the “Submit Answer” function was used. We encourage you to choose a response early within the five-minute timer if the machine or device you are using is not hard-wired to the internet (e.g., wireless, LTE, etc.).

Can the timer be paused?

No. Once you elect to start a question, the timer starts and cannot be stopped until the question is answered or until time runs out.

Can colleagues be consulted while answering a question?

  • No. You are not allowed to discuss MOCA-Peds content with your colleagues, as outlined in the MOCA-Peds Participant Agreement.
  • MOCA-Peds, like the current Part 3 requirement, is designed to assess an individual’s knowledge and not that of your colleague(s).

Can I skip a question and return to it later?

No, you cannot skip a question once the timer begins.


What happens if the questions are not answered by the end of the quarter?

Questions not answered by the end of the quarter will be marked as incorrect.

How is MOCA-Peds scored?

  • Your performance will be reported using a standardized score scale ranging from 1 to 300 where 180 reflects the passing standard (i.e., the passing score). The difficulty level of each question is taken into consideration when scaled scores are calculated, which is important for assessments and exams in which each examinee may receive a different set of questions.
  • Scaled scores ensure that no diplomate is unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged by receiving a relatively easy or difficult set of questions.

What type of performance feedback will I receive?

Throughout your MOC cycle, you will see your raw score performance (i.e., total number of questions, number of questions answered correctly, and percentage of questions answered correctly). Additionally, each year you will see your updated scaled score on your MOCA-Peds dashboard. You will also have access to additional information in the My Performance section of MOCA-Peds.

What is a summative assessment?

Summative assessments are designed to determine whether an individual has demonstrated a particular level of knowledge and skill (usually at the end of a training window or some other specified period of time). For board certification purposes, a summative assessment is used to determine whether a general pediatrician possesses at least the minimum level of knowledge and skill necessary for safe and competent practice. In contrast, formative assessments are used during an instructional period to provide feedback that can be used to guide future training and help prepare for a successful outcome at the time a summative assessment is administered.

How often will I have to meet the standard?

  • The Part 3 requirement will be integrated into your five-year MOC cycle. MOCA-Peds will need to be completed each MOC cycle. During each of your five-year cycles, you will automatically be enrolled in MOCA-Peds. However, if you prefer to not participate in MOCA-Peds you still have the option to take the proctored exam at a secure testing center for an additional fee (see Transition Plan for further details).
  • Diplomates who do not pass MOCA-Peds after four years will need to take and pass a proctored exam by the end of the fifth year of their MOC cycle to maintain certification.

Can I receive MOC Part 2 credit for participating in MOCA-Peds?

Yes. You will receive MOC Part 2 points for each quarter you achieve a scaled score of at least 180, with a maximum of five points a year per certification area. Points are awarded in the spring of the following year.

Use of Resources/Books

Am I allowed to use resources when answering MOCA-Peds questions?

  • Resources (e.g., internet) may be used, as long as the question is answered during the allocated time without seeking assistance from other individuals.
  • You will be asked to review and sign the MOCA-Peds Participant Agreement, which explicitly states what resources can and cannot be used.

MOCA-Peds Transition Plan

How will MOCA-Peds work when it becomes the default way to meet the Part 3 requirement?

You will have the choice to meet your Part 3 requirement through participation in MOCA-Peds or by taking a proctored exam at a secure testing center every five years for an additional fee.

When MOCA-Peds is adopted as the default way to meet the Part 3 MOC requirement, when would I be required to start participating in MOCA-Peds?

  • MOCA-Peds will be aligned with your five-year MOC cycle. To facilitate this alignment, you will be automatically enrolled in MOCA-Peds at the beginning of the next five-year MOC cycle. See your ABP Portfolio for specific dates.
  • If you successfully participated in the pilot in 2017 or 2018, you would start MOCA-Peds at the beginning of your next MOC cycle. 

Will there still be a proctored exam when MOCA-Peds becomes the new Part 3 requirement

  • Starting in 2019, you must complete either MOCA-Peds or the proctored exam every five years to meet the five-year MOC cycle Part 3 requirement.
  • A proctored exam will be required in Year 5 for pediatricians who don’t achieve a passing score in MOCA-Peds during Years one through four. 

What will the new system cost once MOCA-Peds goes live?

The enrollment fee will not change due to the addition of MOCA-Peds.

Dropping Quarters

Can I take a break from MOCA-Peds?

MOCA-Peds will be active in years one through four (16 quarters) out of a five-year MOC cycle. The ABP will not count your 4 lowest-scoring or unanswered quarters from the four years of MOCA-Peds when computing your final score. These four lowest-scoring quarters will be dropped to account for personal circumstances, natural disasters, or other reasons that may necessitate some time off.

System Requirements

What are the system requirements for answering MOCA-Peds questions on a desktop or laptop computer?

  • MOCA-Peds is compatible with most common browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.  
  • The ABP has an Optimum Viewing page that should be reviewed.
  • You will also need a consistent internet connection.

Can MOCA-Peds questions be answered using a mobile device?

No, MOCA-Peds is currently not supported on mobile devices, and the MOCA-Peds mobile app for smartphones and tablets is unavailable for an extended period of evaluation and maintenance. Please visit or your ABP Portfolio on a desktop or laptop computer to answer questions. 

ADA Accommodations

What ADA accommodations will MOCA-Peds offer?

  • MOCA-Peds will offer extended time as an accommodation for those who qualify. Pediatricians may visit the ABP website to request an accommodation.
  • The MOCA-Peds platform does not prohibit or block the use of third-party applications such as text zoom or text-to-voice.