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MOCA-Peds Pilot


The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) is introducing a different method for assessing the knowledge of pediatricians as part of Maintenance of Certification (MOC). This proposed testing approach, called MOCA-Peds (Maintenance of Certification Assessment for Pediatrics) will involve shorter, more frequent assessment of pediatricians’ knowledge and will include an additional learning component not typically found in other types of assessments. Test questions will be delivered via computer and mobile device.

The pilot version of the MOCA-Peds will launch in January 2017.

Physicians currently maintaining certification in general pediatrics and who are due to take their exam in 2017 were eligible to register for the pilot.


Important Information

  • Learning Objectives for 2017
    2017 MOCA-Peds pilot questions will be based on 40 learning objectives drawn from the General Pediatrics Content Outline that reflect the breadth of knowledge required for practice.

  • Video Tutorial
    Want to experience what it's like inside MOCA-Peds? Watch the video tutorial to see how to log in and answer questions within the platform.

  • Sample Questions
    Pilot participants will receive 40 learning objectives, and two questions per learning objective, for a total of 80 questions. See four sample questions (two per learning objective) that are similar in structure to those likely to appear in the MOCA-Peds pilot.

  • MOCA-Peds FAQs
    Have questions about the MOCA-Peds pilot? Get answers to frequently-asked questions here. 

  • MOCA-Peds Participant Agreement
    The public has granted the profession of medicine the privilege of self-regulation. As part of our social contract with the public, we as pediatricians must uphold the public trust. This agreement is a reminder of that commitment.

  • Video Overview
    Three live webinars were held during the registration period. The content presented was the same in each, with an opportunity for Q&A at the end. If you were unable to attend, please watch the recorded version.

  • Visit the ABP Blog
    Stay up-to-date on all the latest MOCA-Peds news with the ABP Blog. Read, subscribe and visit often -- and check out the latest post below.