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Foundation Values & Guiding Principles


We affirm the four core values of the American Board of Pediatrics as they relate to our mission:

  • Consistency: Making unbiased decisions based on the ABP Foundation’s guiding principles and policies
  • Excellence: Striving to do our best work
  • Reliability: Living up to responsibilities and commitments
  • Transparency: Sharing non-confidential information openly

Guiding Principles 

We affirm the guiding principles of the ABP which highlight the ABP’s commitment to improving outcomes for children

In addition, the ABP Foundation maintains guiding principles that inform our work.  We conduct rigorous, focused, high quality activities that 

  • Align with the mission, values, and guiding principles of the ABP and ABP Foundation   
  • Inform and improve the value and outcomes of the ABP’s educational, assessment, and practice improvement activities  
  • Are actionable 
  • Build on our unique niche in the pediatric community
  • Promote scholarly activity in areas not routinely funded by other organizations
  • Enhance our relationships with our public, pediatricians, and other organizations involved in pediatric education, practice, research, and advocacy