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Foundation Values & Guiding Principles


We prioritize and expand upon the four core values of the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP).

Accountability to the public. Our public includes children, adolescents and families; health care professionals; payers and purchasers of health services; academia; state licensure bodies; health delivery systems; and policymakers. Work supported by the ABP Foundation informs the ABP’s mission to assure the public that a pediatrician meets the highest standards of excellence through participation in an accredited training program, a commitment to lifelong learning, periodic demonstration of acquisition of new knowledge and skills, and continual improvement of their professional practice.

Fairness and service to trainees and diplomates. Activities undertaken by the ABP Foundation balance our value of accountability to the public with consideration of the needs of trainees and diplomates (pediatricians who initially certify and maintain certification as indicated) for meaningful, relevant, and feasible policies and processes. 

Communication and transparency. We strive for clear, concise, user-friendly communication. We prioritize being transparent about our policies, processes, and financial status with the public and our diplomates. We prioritize dissemination of work conducted under the auspices of the ABP Foundation to the pediatric community and our broader public audience.

Continuous quality improvement.  We engage in a process of continually re-examining our policies and processes for impact and innovating to improve.

Guiding Principles 

We affirm the guiding principles of the ABP which highlight the ABP’s commitment to improving outcomes for children

In addition, the ABP Foundation maintains guiding principles that inform our work.  We conduct rigorous, focused, high quality activities that 

  • Align with the mission, values, and guiding principles of the ABP and ABP Foundation   
  • Inform and improve the value and outcomes of the ABP’s educational, assessment, and practice improvement activities  
  • Are actionable 
  • Build on our unique niche in the pediatric community
  • Promote scholarly activity in areas not routinely funded by other organizations
  • Enhance our relationships with our public, pediatricians, and other organizations involved in pediatric education, practice, research, and advocacy