Foundation Strategic Plan

In 2019, the ABP Foundation conducted a strategic planning process to develop a blueprint for its work over the next few years.

As a result, the Foundation affirmed that funded activities would continue to include research, evaluation, and other mission-driven activities such as innovations that improve the quality and safety of pediatric care, the development and dissemination of expertise through training events and journal supplements, and convening collaborators.

Projects funded by the Foundation, for this current strategic planning cycle, fall into our three main focus areas or may reflect special initiatives that span across more than one focus area. The Foundation also supports two honors.

Strategic Plan

Child and Family Health

Lifelong Learning, Assessment, and Practice Advancement

Pediatric Workforce

We partner with families to adapt our programs to the ever-changing health care needs and demographic characteristics of children and families.

We engage with pediatricians across the education, training, and practice continuum and with professional organizations to advance lifelong learning, assessment, and pediatric practice.

We identify and anticipate trends and their implications for child and family health.

Special Initiatives: We form partnerships to foster well-being and resilience and improve the behavioral and mental health care of children and their families.

Honors: We support individuals and organizations through honors.