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Roadmap to Resilience, Emotional, and Mental Health

Having a chronic condition can cause stress and difficulty coping for pediatric patients and their families. It also might make it harder to take good care of themselves, or it could make their symptoms worse.

With funding from the ABP Foundation, the Roadmap Project* is committed to supporting pediatric patients living with chronic conditions, their families, and the medical teams who care for them through:

  • Partnering with multiple stakeholders and organizations, including parents, patients, subspecialists, trainees, and children's hospitals
  • Increasing awareness about the need and urgency to provide support for emotional health and resilience for children with chronic conditions and their families
  • Creating tools for clinicians to improve care and initiate important conversations
  • Educating families, pediatricians, and organizations about existing resources

Current Roadmap Resources

Roadmap resources are free to download and use.

Change Package

Tools, resources, and examples that can help learning network teams increase the resilience and emotional health for children and families living with chronic conditions


Example Conversations

We developed a set of four example conversations around common touchpoints with patients and families. Each example highlights key components of the discussion, provides sample language, and offers considerations to promote positive interaction. Although these example conversations are not condition-specific, they are suitable for use with a variety of chronic conditions.


Future Efforts

The Roadmap team is continuously developing new resources including videos based on the Example Conversations, a Maintenance of Certification Part 2 Self-Assessment, and a webinar series. A Pilot Learning Collaborative of several U.S. children’s hospitals will also launch in January, 2020.

We will post these new items on this page as they are developed.

To learn more about the Roadmap Project, please email the Roadmap Project Team

The Roadmap ProjectThe Roadmap Project is the ABP's national effort to support the resilience and emotional health of pediatric patients with chronic conditions and their families. Working with the Learning Networks Program of the Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence, the ABP aims to increase awareness for patients, families, and clinicians and provide ways to help.