Child and Family Health

The ABP Foundation partners with families to adapt ABP programs to the ever-changing health care needs and sociodemographic characteristics of children, adolescents, young adults, and families. The Foundation has prioritized child and family health as a focus area within its strategic plan.

With funding from the ABP Foundation, the ABP is committed to supporting pediatric patients and their families through:

  • Volunteer Latoshia Rouse with her familyPartnering with parents and patient groups
  • Gathering young adult and family input on child health topics
  • Engaging in mutual learning and education through targeted projects
  • Helping pediatricians address child and family needs through certification

ABP Foundation-Supported Projects

The ABP Foundation supports a targeted group of projects to improve the health care experience for pediatric patients and their families.

Family Leadership Committee (FLC)

The ABP Family Leadership Committee (PDF) gives patients and families a voice to provide input to the ABP and Foundation regarding the ABP’s patient and family engagement activities. Several FLC members also serve on additional committees and boards of the ABP.

Stockman Lectures (Family Stories)

Each year, the ABP Foundation funds the Stockman Lecture at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition. Nominees are selected by the ABP Family Leadership Committee for this plenary session focused on patient and family partnership in pediatrics. Read their family stories or watch their presentations on our Honors page.  

Annual Patient and Family Initiative Meetings

The ABP annually convenes one or more groups of young adult patients and parents or caregivers on topics identified by the Family Leadership Committee, ABP leadership, and the ABP and Foundation boards of directors. Recent topics were:

  • The emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs of children and families;
  • Disparities in health care, using sickle cell as a case study; and
  • The importance of communication skills for pediatricians.

Roadmap Initiative

The Roadmap Project is a national effort that aims to support the resilience, emotional, and mental health of pediatric patients with chronic conditions and their families. The ABP is working with patients, parents, and the Learning Networks Program of the Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence to increase awareness for patients, families, and clinicians and provide ways to help.

Sickle Cell Disease Collaborative

The Sickle Cell Disease Collaborative focused on launching a quality improvement learning collaborative to address documented disparities in care for children with sickle cell disease.

Website for Parents and Families explains Board certification to parents, caregivers, and young adult patients. It contains FAQs about certification, resources for families, and parent and patient testimonials.


Photo: The Rouse family (Read their story.)