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Nomination for Examination Committees and Subboards

The ABP invites you to nominate yourself or someone you know for an appointment to one of our General Pediatrics Examination Committees or Subspecialty Subboards.


Yourself OR  Someone Else

What do the committees and subboards do?

Appointees to ABP examination committees and subboards write and review the questions used on the in-training, initial certification, and maintenance of certification examinations. In addition to helping review the examinations both before and after administration, appointees help to determine the passing standards for each examination.

Responsibilities of General Pediatrics Examination Committees

Responsibilities of Subspecialty Subboards

What is the difference between the General Pediatrics Examination Committees and the Subspecialty Subboards?

The committees and subboards focus their energies on writing, reviewing questions, and completing at-home assignments. They also participate in an annual in-person meeting and conference calls or webinars as needed. Appointees to our subboards, however, also act as ambassadors for their respective subspecialties. Subboard appointees advise the ABP on policy and assist in developing training requirements and credentialing for the subspecialty examinations. Appointees also work within their subspecialty societies and other organizations to further the ABP mission, serving as a conduit for communications between the various pediatric communities and the ABP.

*A limited number of subspecialists are also selected to participate in the question writing and review activities of the General Pediatrics Examination Committees.

Why nominate?

Volunteers not only help the Board and their colleagues, they also help themselves. Prior to being named the ABP President and CEO, Dr. David G. Nichols served 6 years on the Subboard of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

David G. Nichols, MD, MBA
ABP President & CEO


"My time on an ABP Subboard was one of the most rewarding experiences in my career," he says. "I learned how to convert the important concepts and evidence in our field into a valid and reliable exam question. The real bonus came from the interactions and discussions with the other members of the subboard who were all trying to answer the question: 'What would a parent expect us to know as they entrusted their child to our care?'"

By nominating yourself or someone else, you help us to find the best candidates to fill vacancies on these committees and subboards. We're seeking candidates who represent the diversity of pediatric practice -- everything from rural, private practices to medical centers in major metropolitan areas. And we want people from a variety of practice situations, including well-seasoned pediatricians, new practitioners, part-time providers and other who reflect today's trends in pediatric practice.

All committee and subboard terms are for six years, and all nominees must be Board certified in General Pediatrics or in their subspecialty area.

Please contact us at if you have further questions.