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Workforce Data

American Board of Pediatrics 2015-2016 Workforce Data

For a number of years, the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) has accumulated workforce data using a variety of datasources. One datasource is the ABP Residency Tracking Program which contains data collected from residents during the in-training examination and from program directors. Another datasource includes short questionnaires completed by first-time candidates when they apply for and take the general pediatrics or a pediatric subspecialty examination. Diplomates also complete a brief questionnaire each time they enroll in MOC. In addition, the ABP database is continuously updated to reflect the most current and accurate candidate and diplomate information. Using these data, assessments regarding the number of trainees enrolled in general pediatrics and subspecialty training programs, as well as career intentions, and information regarding the current pediatric workforce can be determined.




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Suggested citation: American Board of Pediatrics Inc., 2015-2016 Workforce Data, Chapel Hill, NC: American Board of Pediatrics, Inc., 2016.

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