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Test Security Incident Report

You should use this form to report the following incident types:

  • Examinee misconduct (e.g., copying answers, using prohibited electronic devices during an exam, discussing exam content in detail with other examinees);
  • Copying exam questions;
  • Accessing exam questions prior to the exam;
  • Exam content found on the internet;
  • Test administrator/proctor misconduct (e.g., allowing examinees to access study materials; providing answers to questions)

Please fill out a separate form for each incident if you have more than one incident to report.

All other concerns should be reported to 919-929-0461. Your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate department.

Do NOT use this form to report emergency situations, since these reports may not be received or answered immediately. In case of an emergency, call 911 or the appropriate local authorities.

Incident Information

Incident Type
Do you wish to remain anonymous
Including your contact information is optional, but we strongly suggest that you complete the fields below so that we may contact you for additional details if necessary. All contact information provided will be kept strictly confidential.
Examination Type
Please provide as much information as possible, including how you first became aware of this incident, names of individuals involved, witnesses, their contact/location information, and any other information that will lead to final resolution of the situation