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Subspecialty Fast-Tracking

A subspecialty fellow who is believed to have demonstrated accomplishment in research, either before or during residency, may have a part of the training requirement waived. Evidence of such accomplishment might include a PhD degree in a discipline relevant to the subspecialty or career path of the fellow, or sustained research achievement relevant to the subspecialty or career path of the fellow. The subspecialty program director may petition the Subboard to waive the requirement for scholarly activity, and to reduce the length of subspecialty training by as much as 1 year. This petition must be made either before the beginning of training or during the first year of training.

A candidate for this pathway must have satisfactorily completed 3 core years of pediatrics or approved combined pediatrics and other specialty training in an accredited program in the US or Canada. This pathway is also available to candidates who have satisfactorily completed at least 3 years of nonaccredited general pediatrics training (eg, abroad) and qualified for a waiver of 1 year of general pediatrics training through the Policy Regarding Individuals with Nonaccredited Training. An individual who enters subspecialty training via the Accelerated Research Pathway would not be eligible for subspecialty fast-tracking.

A subspecialty fellow who receives a waiver by the Subboard must complete at least 2 years of training in the subspecialty with at least 1 year of broad-based clinical training. In order for an individual to be eligible for subspecialty certification, all requirements for general pediatrics certification must be fulfilled.