Revocation of Certificates

Certificates issued by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) are subject to the provisions of the articles of incorporation and the bylaws of the ABP. Each certificate is subject to possible revocation in the event that:

  • The issuance of such certificate or its receipt by the physician so certified shall have been contrary to or in violation of provisions of the ABP's articles of incorporation or bylaws
  • The physician so certified shall not have been eligible to receive such certificate, irrespective of whether the facts constituting him or her so ineligible were known to any or all of the members of the ABP at the time of the issuance of such certificate
  • The physician so certified shall have made any misstatement of fact in his or her application for such certificate or in other statement or representation to the ABP, its members, representatives or agents
  • The physician so certified is not in compliance with the ABP licensure policy

If the ABP obtains probable cause to believe that a certificate should be revoked for one or more of these reasons, it may institute proceedings for revocation by mailing a written notice to the holder of such certificate. The steps to be taken to appeal this determination are outlined in the Rules of Appellate Procedure of the ABP, which may be obtained by writing to the ABP.

Becoming Certified Again Following Revocation or Surrender of Certification

Once a certificate issued by the ABP has been revoked or surrendered, that certificate ceases to exist. Former diplomates desiring to become certified again must complete all then-current requirements for maintenance of certification and any other requirements as deemed appropriate by the ABP in order to achieve certification.