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Re-Enroll in MOC

You can complete your Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (Part 2) and Improving Professional Practice (Part 4) activities any time during your MOC cycle.  At the end of each cycle, you will enroll into your next MOC activity cycle, which requires a fee to be paid online via credit card and the submission of the attestation of valid, unrestricted medical licensure.  

What does that fee cover? 

  • Access to ABP-developed activities for the full MOC activity cycle
  • CME credit, at no additional charge, for the completion of most ABP-developed activities
  • One attempt at a secure MOC examination every 10 years.  

When you re-enroll, you enter into your next MOC activity cycle, demonstrating that you are actively working to meet the requirements of MOC. For the full duration of each cycle, while you are working on your activities, you are designated as meeting the requirements of MOC.