All Part 2 and Part 4 activities, including Question of the Week, will not be available on Thursday, Jan. 27, from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET, due to scheduled maintenance. Thank you for understanding.

Question of the Week (QOW)

QOW logoThe ABP’s most popular self-assessment tool, Question of the Week (QOW), gives participants a pediatric case study, an abstract with commentary, hyperlinked references, and a question every week for 50 weeks of the year.

For every correct response, you will receive 0.5 MOC Part 2 points. For every 20 correct responses, you can earn 10 CME credits.

When you sign up for QOW, an email will be sent to you every week — except for the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Day — that gives you a link to the newly published question. You don’t have to answer a question every week. You can skip some weeks and answer more than one another week.

How to Access QOW

  1. Log in to your ABP Portfolio.
  2. Click on the “My Activities” button in the MOC section.
  3. Click on the "Self-Assessment (Part 2) Search" button.
  4. Under "Filter Options," type "QOW" (without quotes) in the search box.
  5. Choose "View" on the right and then "Launch Activity" to get started.

There is no maximum number of Part 2 points that you can earn with QOW in a five-year MOC activity cycle, and you can read the published case studies and answer the questions at any time and from any computer or laptop that has internet access — at your desk, at home, or when traveling.

After you have answered a QOW, you can post comments to discuss the case with your peers.

Did you know?

  • A "medical pearl" — bonus material, often in the form of a humorous anecdote or little-known fact — is available at the end of each question, whether you answered correctly or not.
  • Questions remain available for you to answer for three years from the release date.
  • Questions older than three years are stored in the archive, where they can be viewed but not answered.

How It Works

The CASE SCENARIO sets the stage for the topic being covered in that week's QOW.

QOW case

The PRE-TEST gives you the opportunity to try your hand at the question, but this attempt is not held against you. QOW pre-test
The ABSTRACT is reproduced from a recent journal publication. QOW abstract
The COMMENTARY brings everything full circle by taking the abstract's findings and applying it to the case scenario and the real world. QOW commentary
The FINAL ATTEMPT is where you answer the question for credit and receive immediate feedback. QOW final attempt
The COMMENT SECTION allows you to share your thoughts and engage in discussions in the community forum.
The MEDICAL PEARL is a bonus of interesting information. QOW medical pearl