Program Directors Training Verification

Program directors of general pediatrics residencies and pediatric fellowships must complete a final evaluation for residents or fellows who are in their last year of training. The ABP requires the program director to verify the dates and completion of training and to attest: "I certify the evaluations are an accurate reflection of this physician's competence as a pediatrician ( or as a subspecialists) upon completion of residency training or fellowship."

Possession of certificates of satisfactory completion of training will not automatically admit the person to the ABP's certification process. Most training certificates attest to the achievement of a minimal level of competence or to the fulfillment of an employment contract. Program directors are urged not to issue certificates of successful completion of training when the resident is deemed not to have met those standards. Therefore, the program director's final evaluations submitted to the ABP will take precedence over the certificate from the hospital. The ABP must have the program director's assurance that an applicant meets the standards expected of a certified pediatrician.