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Professional Standing & Licensure (Part 1)

Certification and maintenance of certification is contingent upon medical licensure and in compliance with all applicable Board policies, rules and codes.  Physicians must hold a valid, unrestricted allopathic and/or osteopathic medical license in at least one jurisdiction in the United States, its territories, or Canada.  If more than one license is held in these jurisdictions, all licenses must meet the requirement of being unrestricted. Should any medical license become restricted at any time, the Board may undertake proceedings consistent with due process to revoke the certificate(s) and/or take other actions against the physician.  Physicians are responsible for immediately notifying the ABP of any restriction placed on any medical license held. Upon successful reinstatement or remedy of the encumbered medical license(s), and upon the ABP being notified of such by the former diplomate, and subsequent verification of such by the ABP, certification may be regained by successful completion of the maintenance of certification process.