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Permanent Certification FAQs

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If I don't pass the examination, will I lose my certification status?

No. Regardless of your performance on the secure examination, your permanent certification status will never be jeopardized.

If I choose not to participate in MOC, how will my name be designated on the ABP website?

You will never lose the designation of an ABP-certified diplomate. Your name will be reflected on the Verify Certification page of the ABP website; however, you will not be listed as "meeting the requirements of MOC."

Why should I be involved in MOC when I remain certified by the ABP?

Groups outside the ABP are less likely to accept a credential awarded 10, 20, or more years ago as evidence of your current ability to provide quality medical care. If you are a permanent certificate holder and would like more information, visit the How-To Guide page.

Based on MOC requirements, will my certification status change?

No. The ABP awarded permanent certifications without an expiration date in good faith, and those certifications will not change.

Are the requirements for MOC likely to change significantly over time?

While the ABP acknowledges your permanent certification status, it cannot assure you that the MOC requirements will not change. The ABP will continue to make its MOC program the standard by which others can and will measure certified pediatricians.