All Part 2 and Part 4 activities, including Question of the Week, will not be available on Thursday, Jan. 27, from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET, due to scheduled maintenance. Thank you for understanding.

Online Performance Improvement Modules (PIMs)

If none of the other QI options work for you, you can use one of the many online Performance Improvement Modules (PIMs) designed by the ABP, AAP, or other organizations. ABP PIMs are available to you with no additional cost beyond your MOC fee.

PIMs guide you through the process of collecting and analyzing practice data over time, implementing improvement strategies, and documenting your improved quality of care. You can conduct this activity within your practice, working with your own patients, and with or without collaboration with other pediatricians.

Specifically, an ABP PIM allows you to:

  • Collect the relevant prospective performance data using visit forms downloaded from the PIM, or you may use your favorite survey tool;
  • Enter performance data (baseline through interventions) into the PIM over time;
  • Select improvement strategies suggested by the PIM or use your own improvement strategies;
  • View performance feedback run charts on summary measures calculated by the PIM;
  • Work independently or compare your progress with other colleagues; and
  • Visit external resources from within the PIM.

Find Performance Improvement Modules (PIMs) (login required) in your ABP Portfolio.