Multiple Certificates

In an effort to limit the complexity of maintaining multiple certifications, the ABP has created specific guidelines for physicians who hold certification in more than one area.

Your MOC requirements for all areas in which you are currently certified are included in one five-year MOC cycle. Specifically, your Part 2 and Part 4 MOC requirements are not increased based upon the number of certifications you choose to maintain. Your current MOC cycle dates apply to all areas of certification.

Your individual MOC cycle dates can be found within your online ABP Portfolio. Once enrolled in an MOC cycle, you must fulfill the following requirements:

Earn 100 points total in approved Part 2 and Part 4 activities within your MOC cycle

You must earn a total of 100 points: 40 points in Part 2, 40 points in Part 4, and the remaining 20 points in either part or a combination of the two within your current MOC cycle. Only activities completed within this time frame will be awarded credit within this cycle.

  • At least 40 points must be in approved Part 2 (self-assessment) activities. This may mean completing more than one activity.
    • You may choose to complete ABP self-assessments online or approved self-assessments developed by another organization.
  • At least 40 points must be in approved Part 4 (Improving Professional Practice) activities. This also may mean completing more than one activity.
    • You may choose to complete ABP performance improvement modules online or approved Web-based modules developed by another organization.
    • You may choose to participate in approved quality improvement efforts conducted through your institution or workplace.
    • Since completion of Part 4 activities require from six weeks to one year, please allow sufficient time.

Complete the MOC re-enrollment process before your MOC cycle ends

  • Once you have fulfilled your Part 2 and Part 4 requirements and completion is noted within your Portfolio, in the last year of your MOC cycle you will be able to complete online MOC re-enrollment, including submission of fees and licensure verification information.
  • Once your MOC re-enrollment application is approved, you will be sent the documentation showing that you continue to meet the requirements of MOC, and you will continue in MOC for another five-year cycle.

Part 3 Examination

Beginning in 2019, there are two ways to comply with the Part 3 requirement:

  • MOCA-Peds, an innovative continuous assessment approach that delivers 20 questions electronically each quarter
  • Traditional proctored examination at a secure testing facility

MOC enrollment fees will cover the cost of MOCA-Peds. Those who choose the proctored exam will incur an additional fee that covers the costs charged by the testing center and associated expenses (see Enrollment and Fees).

Read more about the Part 3 options to see which approach applies to you or is best suited for your situation. Also beginning in 2019, Part 3 will align with your five-year MOC cycle.

Details about your due dates and resources to help you maintain your certification are provided for you in your online ABP Portfolio.