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MOCA-Peds: Research and Evaluation

With input from more than 10,000 board-certified pediatricians, the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) developed a new option for pediatricians to fulfill their Maintenance of Certification (MOC) exam requirement.

This page describes the research methods used to build and evaluate the online, non-proctored assessment platform called MOCA-Peds (Maintenance of Certification for Pediatrics) and provides some of the research results.

To learn more about MOCA-Peds and how it works for pediatricians, please visit our MOCA-Peds web page. If you are a pediatrician and want to learn how you are personally affected, please log in to your ABP Portfolio.

The ABP has been engaging with pediatricians at numerous levels since 2016, using a mixed-methods approach. We have received feedback from user panels, in-person and virtual focus groups, in-person usability tests, and surveys with pilot participants during registration and at regular intervals. As of January 2018, more than 200 pediatricians participated in the in-person and virtual groups, and nearly every participant in the pilot — exceeding 10,000 pediatricians — responded to the surveys.

Learn More About the 2017-2018 Pilot


Pediatrician feedback continues to help the ABP make real-time decisions to modify and improve MOCA-Peds.

Learn More About 2019 MOCA-Peds Performance

The reports below provide a graphical summary of pediatrician performance in each of the content areas assessed by MOCA-Peds in 2019.


The formative evaluation of MOCA-Peds was made possible through funding from the ABP Foundation and conducted by ABP staff in partnership with RTI International, a globally respected research firm.