MOC Score Reporting

General Pediatrics

Due to the large volume of diplomates maintaining certification in General Pediatrics, that secure examination is offered from January 1 to December 15 every year. Results are typically posted within four weeks of the examination.


The pediatric subspecialty examinations are offered annually from March 1 to September 30. The ABP scores MOC exams weekly during the test window. Results are available through the ABP Portfolio within four weeks of the examination.

Why can't I have my results at the testing center?

We conduct routine quality control activities before releasing results to make sure that the examination is psychometrically sound and the data are accurate. Learn more about Quality Control Analysis within the Scoring section.

To ensure privacy, we cannot discuss results over the phone. However, if you have not received your results in the stated time frame, please email

Can I re-take the exam if I fail?

You may re-take the exam as often as logistically possible. A re-take fee is applied for each additional attempt, but all attempts must be completed during an available administration window within the same calendar year.