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MOC Overview

  • ABP Maintenance of Certification (MOC)
    MOC is designed by and for pediatricians as an ongoing process of lifelong learning and self-assessment to continuously improve knowledge and clinical performance.
  • The Foundation of MOC
    Learn how MOC is built on the foundation of the six core competencies that are assessed during residency and fellowship training. Get details on the four-part structure of MOC that all of the ABMS Boards have adopted.
  • The Value of MOC
    Understand the benefits of participating in MOC and why ABP is committed to meeting the public's increasing demands for safe and effective care.
  • How MOC is Recognized
    ABP is working with credentialing agencies, payers and regulatory groups to recognize and support Maintenance of Certification. Learn more about these efforts and public education campaigns that promote certification.
  • MOC Requirements
    The requirements of MOC are designed to better meet the needs of pediatricians and also the expectations of the public. Use these quick guide links to understand how to participate in MOC.
  • View Personal Requirements
    Log in to My ABP Portfolio to see your personal requirements and plan your progress in MOC.