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MOC Fees

The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) re-enrollment fees include the cost of resources and tools used to successfully complete MOC.

Submission of Fees

Payments can only be submitted online via credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) through the secure application available within your ABP Portfolio. If you do not wish to use a personal credit card, you may obtain a Visa prepaid card for one-time use. Please be advised that invoices are not provided and checks will not be accepted for payment of MOC fees.

Should you wish to use a debit card, please first inquire with your financial institution to determine if the per-transaction limit is sufficient to cover the fee.

Upon submission of payment, you will receive a receipt within the My Archives section of your ABP Portfolio. No further documentation will be provided.

All MOC fees are non-refundable.

Fee Schedule

Type of Fee   2017
MOC Re-Enrollment Fee   $1304
MOC Re-Enrollment Fee to Regain Certification   $1499
Application for Additional MOC Examination/New Application for MOC Examination   $1092
MOC Examination Re-application Fee
(applicable during validity of original MOC examination application)



You may complete the MOC process without incurring any fees beyond MOC re-enrollment if you choose to utilize ABP developed activities. However, there may be additional fees for ABP-approved activities that were developed by other organizations.


The MOC process provides you with one examination attempt every 10 years without incurring any additional fees. Should you need to retest or test in multiple certification areas over 10 years, then additional fees will apply.

Examination applications are valid for testing through the end of the current year's testing windows. You can retake the examination as often as logistically possible through the end of the current year's testing windows; however, there is an additional examination retake fee for each additional attempt.