MOC Content Outlines

MOC Content Outlines/Exam Blueprints

Candidates may find the following content outlines helpful; however, several caveats are important.

  • Many skills cannot be tested in a multiple-choice examination. Also, many interesting but less important facets of knowledge are not likely to be tested given the time constraints of an examination.
  • The content outlines are NOT designed to be study guides; however, candidates may feel less anxious about an examination if they know what to expect, and they may be able to use the outlines to identify areas in which they are weak and need additional preparation.
  • The content outlines are updated periodically. The ABP welcomes any comments you may have about them.

Each content outline consists of a cover page, an introduction, and a list that indicates what percent of the examination is based on each section of the outline. The document is bookmarked so that you can navigate to each section.

I. General Pediatrics:

II. Pediatric Subspecialties: