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Milestones and EPAs Research

The ABP Foundation supported projects through the years that led to the initial development of pediatrics milestones and entrustable professional activities (EPAs) as tools for competency-based medical education. The foundation continues to support this work as the EPAs evolve and their efficacy is demonstrated.


Foundation-sponsored research has shown the utility and validity of these approaches, and evidence to support their value in the workplace continues to grow. Many papers about milestones and EPAs have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Below are some of the findings.

With the increasing recognition of the importance of these approaches has come an increase in the number of residency and fellowship programs that are testing and implementing the use of EPAs for trainee assessment and feedback.

Currently, the Foundation supports several projects in conjunction with the APPD Longitudinal Educational Assessment Research Network (APPD LEARN) and the APPD Subspecialty Pediatrics Investigator Network (APPD SPIN), which are assessing various aspects of implementation of EPAs for assessing the competence of general pediatric and subspecialty trainees. 

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