All Part 2 and Part 4 activities, including Question of the Week, will not be available on Thursday, Jan. 27, from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET, due to scheduled maintenance. Thank you for understanding.

Local and National QI Projects

Hospitals, health care organizations, collaborative networks, and professional societies designated as MOC Pediatric Portfolio Sponsors have authority from the ABP to approve quality improvement (QI) projects and submit the names of participants to the ABP for MOC Part 4 credit. They might have ready-made MOC Part 4 projects for you to join, or they might be able to help you develop your own project for Part 4 credit, or both. Many of them also offer projects to pediatricians in private practices. Some organizations approve only pediatric projects, while others approve projects in many specialties.

Even if your institution or organization is not a Portfolio Sponsor, it still might sponsor either QI projects or online activities that focus on improving professional practice and have been approved by the ABP through a formal review process. Some options even offer continuing medical education (CME) credit. You can search for activities and read detailed profiles about them in the Attestation Form section (login required) of your ABP Portfolio. Many of the activities are restricted by location, membership, or other characteristics, so read the descriptions carefully to see if you qualify. Additionally, you can check directly with your affiliated groups to see if they are approved by the ABP to offer MOC Part 4 credit for any of their QI projects.

Do you need to attest to meaningful participation in an organization-sponsored QI project that you are already involved in? Look for your Attestation Form (login required).