Institutional QI Leadership

Are you leading large institutional QI initiatives?

This MOC Part 4 pathway is intended only for physicians in positions of responsibility, such as department chairs, chief medical officers, and directors of public health departments, who contribute to improved health care quality through program development and support in quality and safety. If the QI leader is personally involved in specific improvement projects, it is expected that the projects themselves will be submitted so that those involved can get credit. The applicant must meet the following criteria for evaluation:

  • Be in a leadership position to develop quality and safety improvement initiatives for a health care organization for greater than one year;
  • Provide evidence that they have supported quality and safety initiatives within their organization;
  • Demonstrate expertise in quality and safety science; and
  • Submit documented evidence of interventions, improvements, and plans for two initiatives that demonstrate quality improvement science.

You might want to review these examples of approved Institutional QI Leadership applications.

To apply for credit, launch the Institutional QI Leadership page (login required) in your ABP Portfolio.