Global Health Program Director's Guide: Chapter 9

Chapter Authors: Trish McQuilkin, MD, Chuck Schubert, MD, & Jennifer Watts, MD, MPH

Key Points

enlightenedFor Tier 3 learners, there are many post-graduate opportunities in global health within the realms of clinical practice, policy, advocacy, research, and education. Examples are offered in this section.


With an increasing number of trainees receiving GH education, the natural question becomes “Where do they go from here?” Fortunately, there are many opportunities available for pediatricians with an interest in GH. Chapter 8 provided details regarding GH fellowships. Additionally, there are GH opportunities in academics and careers where graduates can utilize all of their learned skills in either international settings or local/domestic settings. Some careers focused on the underserved blend international and domestic work for specific populations.49 Table 9 provides a brief summary of post-graduate opportunities, with additional details and resources outlined in Appendix X.



enlightenedFor those seeking to employ a GH track director and/or a GH track program coordinator, sample position descriptions are included in Appendices B and C.

Citation: St Clair N, Abdul-Mumin A, Banker S, Condurache T, Crouse H, Helphinstine J, Kazembe P, Lukolyo H, Marton S, McQuilkin P, Pitt M, Rus M, Russ C, Schubert C, Schutze G, Steenhoff A, Uwemedimo O, Watts J, Butteris S. Global health in pediatric education: an implementation guide for program directors. American Board of Pediatrics Global Health Task Force Publication, in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on International Child Health and the Association of Pediatric Program Directors Global Health Learning Community. September, 2018.