General Pediatrics Content Outline

Each general pediatrics examination adheres to a blueprint, also known as a content outline. The outline, which is developed by a committee of pediatricians and educators, defines the categories — and the percentage of questions assigned to each category — contained in each certification exam. The GP Content Outline was revised in 2016, and beginning September 1, 2017, all GP examinations administered, including the MOCA-Peds assessment starting in 2019, will adhere to the revised content outline:


Each content outline is developed and periodically reviewed by content experts based on analyses of practice (as determined by the content experts) and modified to reflect the breadth and relative importance of the clinical situations pediatricians encounter. The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) test development staff uses the content outline to determine the number of new questions needed. If questions are needed in a specific area, test committee members write new ones based on their areas of expertise and interest. Exam committees accept questions from board-certified pediatricians, based on the pediatrician's areas of expertise and interest.

Please visit our Pediatric Subspecialties Content Outline page for more information about subspecialty content outlines: