Exam Dates and Fees

General Pediatrics Certifying Examination

2021 Exam Dates: October 12, 13, or 14, 2021

The exam is offered at computer testing centers over a three-day period. Each candidate will take his or her exam on one of the three days.

The administration of the 2021 General Pediatrics Certifying Examination remains unchanged at this time. Should any alterations to the exam schedule be needed due to the pandemic, all candidates will be notified.

FEES (due at registration with Visa, Mastercard, or American Express)
Regular Registration (login required) Register from Jan. 15, 2021, until 3 p.m. ET on March 31, 2021 (no exceptions)*
Late Registration (login required) Register from April 1, 2021, until 3 p.m. ET on May 17, 2021 (no exceptions)*
$2,610 ($345 late fee)

What Else Should I Know?

Be sure you understand the additional requirements below and the consequences for not meeting them.

Medical License

Applicants must ensure that the ABP receives, by Oct. 1, 2021, a copy of a valid, current, unrestricted license to practice medicine in the United States or Canada. If an applicant does not meet the Oct. 1, 2021, licensure deadline, the application will be disapproved and the examination fee will be refunded. Neither the processing or evaluation fee nor the late fee are refundable. Waivers of the license requirement will not be granted. Read the ABP Licensure Policy (PDF).

Foreign Documentation

First-time registrants who graduated from a medical school outside the United States or Canada must submit a copy of the medical school diploma, with translation if necessary, and the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) certificate (or acceptable substitution) by June 30, 2021.

Test Accommodations

Applicants who require ADA test accommodations must notify the ABP by submitting the required forms no later than the exam registration deadline date. Applicants who need breastfeeding breastfeeding or personal item accommodations must notify the ABP by submitting the required forms no later than 90 days before the exam date.

*Computer or Technical Difficulties

Physician looking at computerComputer or technical issues, operator error, or difficulties arising from username or password problems, e.g., forgotten password or inability to log in to the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) application system due to an inconsistency with the spelling of names, must be resolved and the application completed and submitted before the 3 p.m. ET deadline. Please be aware that it can take up to 48 business hours (excluding weekends) to resolve certain technical difficulties. The ABP makes every effort to assist with these issues promptly; however, applicants are responsible for verifying their ability to apply well before the deadline. No exceptions will be allowed for applicants who miss the application deadline.

Withdrawals and Disapproved Applications

Applicants may withdraw from the exam and receive a $1,715 refund — the amount paid minus the nonrefundable processing and evaluation fee of $550 and the $345 late fee (if applicable) — if a signed notification of withdrawal is received by the ABP by the deadline of Oct. 1, 2021. Fees are not transferable.

If an application is not approved for the certifying exam, the exam fee of $1,715 will be refunded. Neither the processing or evaluation fee nor the late fee are refundable.