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Enrollment and Fees

If you are currently certified, then as soon as you enroll in Maintenance of Certification (MOC), you begin your next five-year MOC activity/points cycle, demonstrating that you are actively working to stay up to date with the requirements of MOC. For the full duration of each cycle, while you are working on your activities, you are designated as certified and meeting the requirements of MOC. You can print an “in good standing” letter from your personal portfolio at any time during your cycle. (Note: If your certificate has expired or your cycle is lapsed, you will need to meet all MOC requirements before your status is regained.)

MOC enrollment fees cover the cost of resources and tools you can use to successfully complete MOC, including:

  • Access to all ABP-developed activities for the full MOC activity/points cycle
  • CME credit, at no additional charge, for the completion of most ABP-developed activities
  • One application for a secure MOC examination every 10 years or participation in the MOCA-Peds pilot.

When to Enroll

When to enroll in MOC varies, based on your current certification status (see chart below).



FEE FOR 2017

Newly certified pediatricians

Automatically enrolled in MOC

No additional fee beyond initial exam fee

Newly certified pediatric subspecialists

Upon subspecialty certification, one year is added to the diplomate’s existing MOC cycle. No additional enrollment required.

No additional fee beyond initial exam fee

Current MOC participants in the final year of their cycle

Enroll for next five-year cycle (for Parts 2 and 4) by mid-December of the year that your current MOC cycle ends. You must satisfy your current MOC-cycle requirements before you can enroll for your next cycle.


Permanent certificate holders wishing to begin MOC

When ready to begin MOC Parts 2 and 4 activities, pay fees and submit license verification information


Previously certified pediatricians and subspecialists who do not have an MOC cycle and wish to regain MOC status*

When ready to begin MOC Parts 2 and 4 activities, pay fees and submit license verification information. Your status is regained when all MOC requirements are met.


Certified pediatricians and subspecialists who want to add another certificate

Remain on existing MOC cycle, regardless of number of certifications or timing of subspecialty MOC exam.  No additional enrollment required.

$1092 exam fee

Diplomates who need to re-apply for an MOC Part 3 exam

Apply during the year the exam is due. You may need to re-apply because you didn’t take the test as scheduled or because you did not earn a passing score.


Please visit your ABP Portfolio to determine the exact date that your enrollment is due so that you do not have a lapse in your board certification.

*Did you allow your certification to lapse? Learn how to regain certification.

How to Enroll

To enroll in your next MOC cycle:

  • Log into your ABP Portfolio.
  • Complete the online MOC re-enrollment process.
  • Provide current medical licensure information.
  • Submit the MOC re-enrollment fee online using American Express, MasterCard or VISA credit card.

Paying Fees

Payments can only be submitted online — by credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) or debit card only — through the secure application available within your ABP Portfolio. To use a debit card, please first inquire with your financial institution to determine if the per-transaction limit is sufficient to cover the fee. Note that invoices are not provided and checks cannot be accepted for payment of MOC fees.

Upon submission of payment, a receipt will be generated and saved within the My Archives section of your ABP Portfolio. No further documentation is available.

All MOC fees are non-refundable.

Additional Expenses

It is possible to complete the MOC process without incurring any fees beyond your MOC enrollment if you choose to utilize ABP-developed activities. However, there may be additional fees for ABP-approved activities that were developed by other organizations and for review of QI project applications by ABP.

Although the MOC process provides you with one included examination application every 10 years, additional fees will apply each time you need to re-apply, or to register for an exam in a second (or more) certification area. For more information about exam registration and testing windows, visit the Exam section of this website.