Eligibility to Participate in MOC

All American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) diplomates (certificate holders) can enroll in Maintenance of Certification (MOC). This includes diplomates who are maintaining general pediatrics certificates, those with pediatric subspecialty certificates and diplomates with time-limited, expired or lapsed certification. You must be enrolled in MOC to gain access to ABP’s online activities. Regardless of the number of ABP certifications a person holds, each diplomate has only one MOC cycle, and all points earned by the diplomate apply to that MOC cycle.

Although permanent certificate holders — in general, those who took their general pediatrics board exam prior to mid-1988 — are not required to enroll in MOC, the ABP strongly encourages all practicing pediatricians to participate. (The cut-off date varies for subspecialty certificates, so check your ABP Portfolio for your specific requirements.) MOC demonstrates to parents and medical peers that a diplomate actively works to build their knowledge and skills and maintain competency in the changing world of medicine. Permanent certificate holders who enroll and complete MOC activities will be listed as "Meeting the Requirements of MOC" on the ABP website.