Apply for, Schedule, or Reschedule Your MOC Exam

This page contains information for pediatricians who have chosen to take a proctored MOC examination in a secure testing facility. Visit our MOCA-Peds page to learn more about our new web-based assessment program to fulfill your Part 3 requirement.

Applying for your secure Maintenance of Certification (MOC) examination with the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) and scheduling your exam are two different processes. We strongly suggest that you submit your examination application and then schedule your examination appointment as early in the year as possible in order to have the greatest flexibility in testing locations/cities, dates, times and retesting, if needed.

You must pass proctored exams by December 15 of the year in which they are due to continue meeting the requirements of MOC in general pediatrics. You must pass proctored exams by September 30 of the year in which they are due to continue meeting the requirements of MOC in a subspecialty. If you are unable to take and pass your exam in the year it is due, there will be additional fees and may be additional requirements to regain your certification.

How to Apply for Your Secure Examination

  1. Log in to your ABP Portfolio during the applicable registration period and select "Apply for Exams."
  2. Select "Maintenance of Certification Examination."
  3. Select the examination.
  4. Pay for your exam. Payments can be submitted only online — by credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) or debit card only — through the secure application available within your ABP Portfolio. To use a debit card, please first inquire with your financial institution to determine if the per-transaction limit is sufficient to cover the fee. Note that invoices are not provided and checks cannot be accepted for exam application fees.
  5. Complete the online MOC examination application within the registration period. Note that your application to sit for an exam must be completed before 3 PM ET on the last date of the registration period. Computer difficulties, user error, or difficulties arising from username or password problems must be resolved and the application completed and submitted before the 3 PM ET deadline. Please be aware that it can take up to 48 hours (excluding weekends) to resolve some technical difficulties. The ABP makes every effort to assist with these issues promptly; however, applicants are held responsible to apply well before the deadline.
  6. Request test accommodations from the ABP if you need them — including accommodations for breastfeeding mothers – as soon as possible but not later than 60 days before your earliest preferred exam date. You will not be able to schedule your exam until your request is either approved or withdrawn.
  7. Confirmation that you applied and a receipt, if applicable, will then appear in the “My Archives” section of your ABP Portfolio.



How to Schedule Your Examination

  1. Wait 2–4 business days for the ABP to approve your application (longer if you have requested a test accommodation), then check the "My Archives" section of your ABP Portfolio for a document that will contain scheduling instructions and your eligibility ID number.
  2. Use the scheduling instructions and your eligibility ID to schedule your exam through the Prometric online scheduling system.
  3. On your exam date, arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time. This allows applicants time to sign in, be seated and to review the security and test center policies.

For your convenience, both the Application Confirmation and Prometric scheduling information will be emailed to you. A copy of each document will be stored in your ABP Portfolio, too.

Rescheduling a Test Date

You may reschedule your Prometric exam date online up to 30 days before the test date without incurring a rescheduling fee. If an appointment is changed fewer than 30 days before the test date, Prometric will charge a fee. Rescheduling and/or canceling examinations fewer than five days prior to the appointment may result in a substantial rescheduling fee. Your 16-digit Prometric confirmation number is required when rescheduling your exam.

Technical Difficulties?

If you experience technical problems while applying for, scheduling or rescheduling your exam, please contact ABP at We can assist you with the process, but we cannot schedule appointments for you.

Late Arrival or Failure to Appear for Exam

Prometric Testing Centers have the discretion to deny access to individuals who do not arrive at the testing center 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time. If you are denied entrance or fail to appear, you must re-apply and pay a re-application fee with the ABP. Please read the ABP’s Computer-Based Administration Policy (PDF) for more information.