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College Students Speak Out

Read about their peer research and see what
they say about how you can help them prepare
for the mental health challenges of college.

ABP's 2020 Annual Report

Our annual report shows the many ways the ABP
and board-certified pediatricians adapted to change
and continued to improve child health in 2020.

Leaving Retirement to
Support Other Physicians

Dr. Richard Mink and other pediatricians pitched in
to help stressed colleagues during the COVID-19 surge.

Pediatrician Breaks
Barriers for Women

Five women were awarded pediatric certification in 1934.
Dr. Martha Eliot's distinguished career shattered
several glass ceilings while improving child health.

Additional Flexibility for Pediatric
Hospital Medicine Practice Pathway

Because of COVID-19, the "look-back window"
has been expanded from four to five years.


Is Your Pediatrician Board Certified?