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Pediatrician Writes Book
for Children About Virus

Inspired by her 3 1/2-year-old granddaughter,
Dr. Deborah Rotenstein hopes 'Because of
the Coronavirus' will reassure young children.

Going the 'Extra Mile' to Treat Patients

Fairfax Pediatrics Associates rented a van to make
house calls for well-child visits, vaccinations, and
developmental–behavioral health screenings.

When Doctor Becomes Patient

Pediatrician Sapna Kudchadkar of Baltimore was among the
first 200 people in Maryland to contract the COVID-19 virus.
ABP CEO Dr. David Nichols interviewed her about her experience.

Using Video to Show
Pandemic Precautions

Piedmont Pediatrics' stylized video shows parents
what to expect during well-child and sick visits.

COVID-19 Update

How has the COVID-19 situation affected
continuing certification, exams, training, and
ABP volunteers? Read our update to find out.


Is Your Pediatrician Board Certified?